Tammy Papa: The Colors in Between; Pastel & Oil Paintings -- Reception on Oct.4, 5-8 pm | Dare Gallery

Tammy Papa makes the world her own and gives us a larger view of it by taking something ordinary but beautiful and elevating it to extraordinary. Papa explains the title of her upcoming show: The Colors in Between; “…in between the shadow and the light there is a transition color, this is often where you’ll find the most brilliants colors in a subject. Those colors are so exciting to me -- those are The Colors in Between.”

Papa interprets what she sees in nature using a vivid colorist palette. Papa puts it this way, “ I look past local color, painting with a palette that expresses not only the moment of the day, or light on an object, but my feeling and experience of the moment. I love color. I have had the most fun playing and exploring the color possibilities in these paintings. Whether it is the nuance found in the Calla Lilly pastel or the saturation of color in my latest Sunflower, or the movement and blues and greens of Afternoon Break – the commonality is joy of color”

Tammy Papa has been painting full time for 25+ years. Immersed in coastal life, she enjoys painting en plein air as well as studio work. To feel the sun and wind, working quickly to capture the fleeting moments of sunset vistas, moonscapes, shorebirds, tides, breaking waves and marsh life is a joy and a significant source of inspiration for Tammy.

The public is cordially invited to meet Papa at the opening reception for this show, The Colors in Between, on Friday Oct. 4, 5:00-8:00 p.m. at the Dare Gallery, 31 Broad Street, Charleston, SC 29401 on historic Broad Street’s Gallery Row. More of Papa’s work can also be seen on Sullivan’s Island at Sandpiper Gallery.



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