OUTSIDE: looking in | Works in Oil by Michael Cyra

From the artist:  "I'm honored Dare Gallery has invited me to show my fine art photography along with my original oil paintings.  It's a window into what inspires me and how each medium  influences the other.  During this pandemic so many people assumed that artists would have more time to create, however for me when anxiety is high it becomes difficult to paint.  My solution was to exercise...specifically OUTSIDE.  No TV news, no social media, no phone...just fresh air, my bike and my camera.  This allowed my mind to calm down and to look within.  It has become a daily meditation and prayer.  It has enabled me to be greatful for simple things like a sunny day or a refreshing breeze, and hope for even better days to come."


"Outdoor landscape photography always helps me focus (pun intended).  My brain switches to nailing down the right camera settings and to capture the best possible composition.  Later in the day when I'm reviewing my photos, I'm intensely motivated to get into my studio and to paint.  It's like magic!  Suddenly I'm laying down paint and harmonizing colors.  Life is good - my head is clear and my mind is happy.  My hope is that my art will do the same for you."


Michael Cyra -- OUTSIDE: looking in