Wild Blue - Jeanne Rosier Smith Solo Show

At long last…Wild Blue: Sea and Sky in Pastel 
"A painting always begins with a visceral response of awe: butterflies, a catch in the breath, a lump in the throat. 
Sometimes all it takes is a deep, rich color.  Wild Blue is a love song to the coast. These paintings hold moments of awe. I respond to color, light and movement, and each piece in this show carries my wonder, at the luminous shimmer of a cresting wave, a glowing new sky spilling onto a dawn beach, a flock of cormorants rising with the wind above the waves.  Once I zero in on my inspiration, every choice I make as I paint contributes toward building the feeling I want to share, from color palette, to sense of scale, to composition and final details.  Over the years I’ve learned that the stronger my feeling going into a painting, the clearer my choices become, whether creating the subtle joy of the new dawn warming the morning sand, or the wild power of exuberant, churning ocean swells."  -- Jeanne Rosier Smith


Jeanne Rosier Smith grew up painting, but first discovered pastel when a box of Nupastels arrived in the mail from an uncle in Massachusetts, 20 years ago.  "You might enjoy these," he said.  Little by little, that box changed her life.  I think maybe we owe that uncle a thank you note.