Marc Tannenbaum

Marc’s father taught him the basics of woodworking when he was still  very, very young.  He developed a love of Wood turning which he has  refined for the last 50 years. He produces a variety of pens, clocks,  keepsake boxes, bottle stoppers and other items.  Most of his creations  exhibit his signature style of combining a variety of exotic woods in  special patterns  Sometimes his patterns are planned, focusing on  symmetry, and sometimes he goes for serendipity. He spends far more time in the preparation of the wood blanks than in the actual turnings, gluing two pieces at a time, letting them dry for 24 hours and then adding the subsequent pieces until the blank is ready to be turned on the lathe.  After the wood blanks are prepared, he drills them and  inserts a brass tube through the center to add stability and to  accommodate the pen mechanism.  All pens will accommodate a Cross  refill. His bottle stoppers are made using the same technique and  usually a semiprecious stone, such as turquoise or geodes, are added to  make them even more unusual. Marc and his wife Robin moved from the New  York/New Jersey area in 2011. They were tired of the snow, and are now  enjoying the warm weather and the hospitality of the South.  They have  even grown fond of the 8 foot alligators living in the waters just  beyond their back yard.

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