Keller Lee

Keller Lee

Artists Statement:


I came into glass-working during a period of my life when I was searching for a creative path. Drawn to the alchemy of color, design and architecture of fused glass, I found my creative outlet. Intrigued by the pattern and style of a co-worker’s bow tie one day at work, I was inspired to recreate it in glass. Working out details in my home studio in downtown Charleston, SC, I experimented with using glass as my fabric. What emerged from my kiln was a fashion statement that others would want to wear. A Warm Glass by Keller bow tie allows even the most discerning southern gentleman the ability to add a modern appeal to his traditional look. Each bow tie is fashioned by selecting glass that will transform in the kiln into a variety of designs, taking into consideration the cut of the glass, the colors chosen, and the ultimate statement the tie will make. 

Working in glass gives me the ability to express my love of mixing color with design. I am most inspired when using bold colors and patterns to create a unique wearable pieces of art. My line includes styles that are perfect for a Sunday barbecue, a pre-show cocktail party, a formal gala, or the boardroom. I am a true Southerner. Often joking that I am Southern Royalty, my family can trace its roots to South Carolina and other southern states for over 300 years. Storytelling has always been a strong part of my family tradition. Many of my relatives were makers and told their story by what they created. Their creations still live today and continue to tell their story. With my bow ties, I am able to continue my family tradition by adding an artistic twist to a long-standing southern fashion statement. Each bow tie has something to say and through them I am allowed to tell my story.

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