Allison Chambers

Allison Chambers

Artist Statement:


I paint because I have to! Creating art is my therapy, breathing joy into my soul. I love to paint the places, experiences, and moments that stir my heart, and I hope my viewers feel that passion and energy when interacting with my work. I create color and texture-driven paintings on a medium to large scale with impasto style. With an appreciation for beautiful brushstrokes and liberal use of a palette knife, my distinct aesthetic allows me to combine all of these elements in any series. I find it exciting to experiment with color and although my primary medium is oil, I enjoy mixed media as well. By bringing my passion and experiences to the canvas between colors, textures, and bold strokes, my work blends reality with imagination. My advice to aspiring artists is paint often and put ”miles on the canvas”. Be true to yourself and your style will find you. I view everyday as a blessing to be able to do what I love and am called to do…paint!


I was born in Wilmington, NC but have lived in Charlotte, NC much of my life. For 20 years, I had a successful career painting faux finishes and murals before returning to the canvas after a series of life changes. In 2007, a major change occurred when I married my husband Jay and went from a Mom of 2 to a Mom of 6 (5 girls!). In 2008, I began studying oil painting and discovered my true passion. I became an artist in residence at Braitman Studio in Charlotte, NC and since have been painting full time in oils, building a home studio, teaching oil painting and art business workshops around the southeast, and even leading painting workshops in the south of France!

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