Osceola's Muse: Reception & Pop-up Show of Jonathan Green Costume Sketches & Paintings by Kris Manning | Oct.11, 5 - 6:30 | Sandpiper Gallery

Oct. 11, 5-6:30 pm :  Opening Reception for Osceola’s Muse -Sandpiper Gallery

Osceola's Muse is an immersive theatre experience that retells the story of the Seminoles' time on Sullivan's Island.  The performance is focused primarily on  Osceola,  a historic and revered leader of the Seminole tribe and his wife Morning Dew (Osceola's Muse).  Morning Dew was the daughter of an escaped slave;  known as a  Black Seminole.  As interpreter for the tribe, she played an important part in this story. 

On Sullivan's Island Osceola's spirit still looms.  The overgrown remnants of Fort Moultrie batteries give an inkling of the conditions he and his tribe endured while prisoners.  Street names like Osceola and Thompson Avenues remind us of the island's conflicted role in the Seminole wars.  Fables of his bravery and leadersip blow on the sea breezes as historians continue to debate the issues of deceit and heroism that framed this important part of SC history. 

Renowned artist Jonathan Green, designer of  the costumes and scenery for this production will have design sketches available during the opening reception at Sandpiper Gallery prior to the first showing of this moving live theatrical extravaganza.  Jonathan Green has been inspired by the connection between Seminole and African history.  He describes his role as an artist to “preserve the visual imagery of our culture, and coming from one culture and being part of another", making this project one that is a perfect fit for his passion and creativity.  

Poster artist and musician Kris Manning has also created a series unforgettable paintings for the production and a sampling of these pieces will also be displayed and available for purchase during this show. 

On Sullivan’s Island where Osceola was imprisoned, died and buried, his story continues to intrigue us.  Inspiration for this production spring from his flamboyance and leadership, the hundreds of imprisoned tribesmen, the curiosity of his visitors and the worldwide fame he received.  Themes from this period continue to resonate today:  forced migration, assimilation, racism and cultural misunderstanding. 

Theatre Performances at Battery Gadsen , 1917 I'on Ave, Sullivan's Island on Fridays and Saturdays Oct. 11, 12, 18 & 19 at 7:30 pm

Tickets ($35 general admission, $55 VIP) are on sale at www.puretheatre.org.





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