David Gallup


David Gallup
David Gallup is an explorer. Not just of nature but of the introspective and spiritual connection man has with his environment. His life's passion has become a quest for new interpretations of the natural world without leaving his roots in Plein Air Observation-Based painting. Working in the style of the Impressionists, many of David's works are created on location in some of the world's most beautiful and fascinating places-California and the Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary, Hawaii, Alaska, Belize, Turks and Caicos, Yellowstone National Park and anywhere under the seas. They often depict moments when natural elements, such as fog, rain, water, glare, or darkness obscure solid forms. These elements are used in Gallup's work to visually represent the sense of awe and mystery he feels for the natural world. David's accomplishments, including a host of museum shows is impressive. A few moments in time that were pivotal in his career are in 1992 when Gallup met Japanese artist Hiro Yamagata and soon became the lead staff artist on the "Earthly Paradise" collection. It was during the early years of this relationship that Gallup began to develop his use of color harmony, rather than contrast, which marks his work today. Gallup's innovative use of basic music theory to find harmony in color is soothing and subtle, and its benefits are visible even to the untrained eye. Beginning in 2005, Gallup spent much of the next six years painting the Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary. He developed a special relationship with the Park and its employees, which allowed him to gain significant insight into this beautiful and unique ecosystem. He used this opportunity to create the largest body of paintings of the islands to date- over 150 works- in order to raise awareness of the Park's special status and challenges. Many of these paintings were exhibited at the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art in Malibu, California in the summer of 2011. His first solo museum exhibition, "David C. Gallup: California's Channel Islands" broke attendance records at this renowned museum, which normally hosts traveling exhibitions of Modern Art and Pop Art by some of the biggest names in Art History. The success of this exhibition brought a host of offers from other museums each wanting Gallup's next exhibition.