Kate Krause

SC Palmetto Mug - Dark Blue
5 x 4 in (12.70 x 10.16 cm)
Share your South Carolina pride with the handcrafted Palmetto State Coffee Mug by South Carolina artist Kate Krause. These beautiful handcrafted mugs are glazed in the traditional blue seen on our state flag and are embellished with a hand sculpted palmetto tree and crescent moon in white. The Palmetto, the state tree of SC is rooted in historical significance dating back to the Revolutionary War. On June 28, 1776, the British fleet's attack on Sullivan's Island was repulsed in part because of the the palmetto-log fort, under Colonel William Moultrie. When the British warships fired cannonballs, they sunk into the soft wood instead of shattering and destroying the fort. Available at both Sandpiper and Edward Dare Gallery
SC Palmetto Mug - Dark Blue by Kate Krause